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As a community venue which is largely staffed and managed by volunteers we would like to ask all hirers and users of the community centre to leave it clean and tidy. The cupboards do provide photos on the wall with how they must be after the use of any equipment. We must also ask you to respect our rural location and neighbours as we are in a residential area.


All users are required to read and accept our booking terms and conditions which can be found here. We would like to draw your attention to the health and safety of the hall and your responsibility to ensure all users of the hall are safe in your care. 


The booking policy and conditions of hire can be accessed via the links below.


Please note that during uncertain times of Covid special conditions and risk assessments may be require and implemented.

Conditions of Hire 

Pricing Policy

Fire Risk assessment

Fire Safety Notice

MCCA Safeguarding
Policy 2023

MCCA Equality & Diversity Policy 2023

AGM notes

Febuary 2022

Febuary 2023

July 2023

Here you will find Covid risk assessment and special conditions of hire which will need to be adhered to throughout hire based on the updated version.

special conditions

Covid Risk assessment

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