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Welcome to Marshfield Community centre FAQ

I want to book but I don't know how to use the calendar, what do I do?

 Click on the + sign next to the date in the box. This will take you to a customer login page. Here you either create a login if you are new to our bookings, or sign in if you are an existing customer. Please keep your login details for future bookings.  After you have done this you can request a slot that is available.


I want to book a hall but I don't know the prices, can you tell me what the prices are?

Click here this will take you to the hall hire rates.


I want to prepare the hall for my booking and go in early. Do I need to let you know and will I be charged?

Yes. you need to book any preparation time and clear down time for your own booking. This is because someone may want to use the hall before or after your booking.


I want to go in and prepare the hall the day before I use it but won't be using the hall until the late afternoon. Do I have to pay for all of that time?

Yes. If you plan to prepare the hall and it will be out of use for others we must charge for the whole time as no one else will be able to hire the hall.


I want a caterer and barman for my booking, do you provide one?

No. You can book the kitchen for your own use, but you have to provide your own caterers and bar staff for your booking. If you are providing alcohol you must pay a £100 non returnable deposit due to residential restrictions. You may also need to apply for a TENS licence. Please email with what you would like to do at your event and we will be happy to help. 


I need tables and chairs, do you provide them?

We have a selection of tables and chairs that can be used for your booking at the centre please ask for more information.


I want to use the equipment for my hire, do you set it up for me?

No. We are a voluntary run centre therefore the nature of each booking is down to the hirer to manage, from preparation to clean down. Click here for the hall hire agreements.

Please ensure you have put all equipment away safely and where you found it. The hall gets checked after use and any concerns will be investigated.

We are able to offer information about when you're able to enjoy the hall depending on what event, class or booking you'd like to hold.

If you have any questions that haven't been answered please fill out the enquiry form, or email

Booking Enquiry


Please complete the form below and we will contact you regarding your booking enquiry

Thanks for your booking enquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.

DATA PROTECTION NOTICE: As you are probably aware, the law in relation to data protection is changing on 25 May 2018. You will have more rights to know what personal information organisations like the MCCA hold about you and what we do with it. 


MCCA holds personal information about you in the form of your contact details and any other information you might have given us from time to time in relation to using the Community Centre services.  


The law requires us to have a legal basis for using this information and we rely on the fact that we and the community of Marshfield have a legitimate interest in ensuring that the Community Centre continues to run effectively and to do so, we need to be able to contact potential users and volunteers.  We only use your information for the purposes of the Community Centre and will only share it with other people for those purposes.  We keep the information for so long as we need it which will generally be for as long as we think you may want to use the Community Centre.


You have rights in relation to the personal information we hold about you.  In particular, you can ask to see the information we have, ask us to correct any errors in it and in some circumstances you can ask us to delete it.  You can also complain to the Information Commissioner if you think we are not properly complying with our obligations in relation to data protection.  


 If you want any more information about the personal information we hold about you and your rights in relation to it, please contact the MCCA committee at

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