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Jo Kitts Yoga

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Hi I’m Jo, I teach yoga Marshfield Community Centre on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings. They could be for you if you are looking to build strength, flexibility and confidence in your body, coupled with stress relief to help you feel calmer.
So often people tell me that they tried yoga once but it was too fast/difficult/bendy/intimidating for them. Please don’t be put off by one class that didn’t suit you – yoga teachers and styles vary wildly and it is definitely worth trying a few to find one that suits. In my classes you can expect

* A warm welcome
 * Plenty of options for each pose so you can find one that works for your body on the day.
* Both men and women of all shapes, sizes, fitness and flexibility levels.
* The invitation to work at your own pace.
* A supportive and encouraging environment.

Mat Classes – Tuesdays 6:30-7:45pm and Thursdays 10:15-11:30am (suitable for all including beginners).

Chair Class – Thursday 11:40am -12:15pm (Particularly for those who do not want to get up and down off the floor, are dealing with pain or chronic conditions, or are looking to return to exercise after surgery or illness.)

Pop along to my website to book or send me a message if you would like a chat beforehand.
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