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Marshfield Community Centre is a well used and flexible venue set in the centre of our village.  It was originally set up to provide a high quality, affordable meeting place for local groups and families in Marshfield and the surrounding villages. Over the years it has proved to be very successful.
It was built in 1991 following a long running campaign to secure the land and the funding.  It was developed to provide the village with a full sized sports hall, a second smaller hall, a large kitchen and a light and open foyer area.

In 2003, the Community Centre was extended to provide a carefully designed, bespoke building for the Marshfield Pre School.  During 2011, this was further improved by the development of a special sensory garden, just for pre school to enjoy.

A Notice From Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing team within Public Health at South Gloucestershire Council.


We work for the Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing team within Public Health at South Gloucestershire Council. We are contacting you as the current Coronavirus pandemic is affecting not only physical health but mental health as well. Social isolation and distancing, financial concerns, job security, concerns over having enough food and provisions, change of normal routine among other things are not only affecting people with pre-consisting mental health conditions but will also have an impact on everyone’s mental health. The current situation will be a great cause of worry and anxiety for many of the population. There is also concern around the emotional wellbeing of our children and young people with the closing of schools and them not being able to see their friends.


We are contacting yourself to help pass on the work we have been doing to your users either through social media, website, newsletter or however you are staying in contact. We have been pulling together a wealth of resources and information to help people cope with these strange, ever changing and challenging times along with up to date information around mental health services both locally and nationally. All adult based information is being communicated through our One You website (https://oneyou.southglos.gov.uk/coronavirus-covid-19-useful-mental-health-information/) and all children and young people information is being held on our Mind You website (https://sites.southglos.gov.uk/mind-you/coronavirus-covid-19-useful-information/)   


We want to get the message out far and wide that these two websites are there for the people of South Gloucestershire to turn to if they are concerned about theirs or a loved one’s mental health. Attached is some wording for social media posts/newsletters/your website, to send out via email etc. 

Community Centre Broadband

Network Name: Marshfield Community Guest

Password: Marshfieldguest

If you enjoy using the internet while you are here could you send us a quick email to info@marshfieldcommunitycentre.co.uk  We need an idea of the number of users.